We will supply you with energy.

About us

Company CEFIL s.r.o. is focused on advising and consulting services for the benefit of legal entities and individuals to whom we offer expert analysis in their sometimes, confusing energetic economy management and on demand we process offer of services and solutions how to reduce the charges for electricity, gas, etc. in the supply point (CZK/kWh, CZK/GJ, CZK/m3,…). We provide the needed effectiveness on a basis of long-year experience and necessary knowledge of the electricity and gas market in the Czech Republic. Our interest is reducing the customer´s energy costs. Our business strategy is based on a principle of reallocation the savings for optimizing conditions in the supply point, mainly for the benefit of the customer.

There can be achieved significant savings by switching to the solution which can be titled as Local distribution system. This model of managing energetic situation fully transfers all the responsibilities in the supply point on our company which is progressively optimizing the charges for media. At the same time, in the regular intervals, we evaluate and negotiate needed parameters with the regional distributor etc.

We are holders of the licenses: Electricity trading, Gas trading and Distribution of electricity and we are able to buy conveniently the cheaper product and also buy electricity from the alternative resources for the benefit of the customer.